Most heart patients already know the difference between an apple and a piece of apple pie, between going out dancing and watching Dancing with the Stars!

It was the same for me. After bypass surgery, I put a great effort into learning how to live a healthy lifestyle. But knowing the information was one thing; acting on it was another. There were still times when a hot dog called my name or I didn’t get out of bed for my morning exercise.  Why this gap between information and action? For me, one of the chief barriers to healthy living was chronic stress. When I was stressed, all roads led to the refrigerator, to the couch and to the television set. But when such stress was managed effectively, healthy actions became habits.

I believe it is the same for many heart patients. That’s why I created this DVD program. It’s intended to help patients understand the impact of stress on cardiac health, to identify the sources of stress, and to learn practical techniques for managing stress to increase dietary and exercise success. It shows patients how to bridge the gap between information and action, and to make healthy changes that last a lifetime.    

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